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The goal of Rotary is “Doing good in the World” to offer welfare and self-esteem to everybody, to promote interpersonal relationship and finally the preservation of Peace. This goal requests an important and continuous engagement. We can build Peace day by day by reducing hunger, diseases and by developing education. It is possible doing good individually. By their mutual cooperation, Rotarians try to maximize results in a reasonable time. Our common work and the attendance at cultural and convivial events let us know better each other and built more solid and long-term interpersonal relationships. The MCW is therefore a valid instrument to promote cooperation for Peace.  



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The Multi-Club Workshop (MCW) is an annual event held in a town where international Rotarians, relatives and friends meet to promote the implementation of some humanitarian projects in several countries. These meetings last three whole days, which one is dedicated to the exam of different initiatives and the two other ones are reserved to tourism and convivial events. Each MCW spans in some years, that is until the completion of the projects selected and accepted by clubs. Participants to a MCW become members of people who wish to implement together some high social level projects.  Usually, no registration fee is requested. Each participant pays his/her own expenses for travel, hotel and boarding as given in the program plus a contribution fee for the rent of the meeting room and related equipment. 


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From the 1st MCW held in Stockholm in 2007 to the 13th MCW held at Moscow in 2019, more than 900 Rotarians and relatives have met, spent some nice moments together and promoted many humanitarian projects which 34 of have been completed or are under completion. In order to increase the number of the humanitarian initiatives and mainly their quality level, the MCW needs new energies. In this World where the information exchanges are held in real time, we can’t indulge ourselves with what we have done until now. We must be open to confrontation with people who wish contribute their experience and passion for the preservation of Peace.

Also take part in the 14th Multi-Club Workshop, which will take place from 22 to 27 September 2020 in Venice and Padua. Padua will be the European Volunteer Capital in 2020/2021, in particular in September, on the dates scheduled for the 14th MCW, the city organizes a 10-day event called Solidaria in which many voluntary organizations will participate. It's an opportunity for us not only to show what we can do through the Rotary Foundation, but to put Rotary in the right light to a wider and more qualified audience (too many times they considered us a mere piggy bank) and reiterate what Paul Harris said. ... "Rotary doesn't have to do charity, but it needs to remove the causes that make charity necessary".



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