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Thanks to the engagement of Rotarians who have understood the opportunity of these meetings, we can implement important humanitarian projects to help people in need. Many enthusiastic relatives too, wives, husbands and partners actively work for the success of the proposed initiatives. Furthermore, each annual meeting generates many virtual meetings by e-mail and telephone during the 12 month-break between one MCW and the following one. 


The activity of Rotarians and their relatives generate useful relationships with bodies, authorities and personalities involved in the implementation of the promoted projects. As for the projects promoted in the last 3 years only, we have been cooperating with some institutions and universities in several countries. By way of sample, we mention the following:  


University of Bologna 

  • Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences (DIMEC)

  • Department of Statistics – Graduation in Development and International Cooperation


University of Modena-Reggio Emilia 

  • Experimental Department of Reggio Emilia


University of Lund (Sweden) 

  • Faculty of Social Sciences

   The rank of this university’ is among the first 100 world universities.


Institute for Health Protection of Mother and Child of Serbia “Dr. Vukan Cupic” – Belgrado (Serbia)

   This is the most important pediatric hospital in the Balkan region.


Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare – Tallahassee – Florida (USA)

   This is the 7° largest hospital in the Florida State


DAB – Diabetic Association of Bangladesh – Dhaka (Bangladesh)


Hateg Hospital – Hateg (Romania)


Hospital of Ohrid – Pediatric Department – Ohrid (Macedonia)


• University of Parma -  Department of Medicine and Surgery;  Operation Unit of Gynecology and Obstetrics



   The most renowned training center in the Balkan countries


 WAND - Water, Agroforestry, Nutrition and Development Foundation – Ormoc Bay – Filippine

   A NGO that promotes sustainable methodologies to improve life conditions of Philippines poor people



  A NGO which members are doctors and nurses who voluntary work in many countries


• Comitato per la Lotta alla Fame nel Mondo – Forlì – Italy

   Thanks to the voluntary works of its members, the Committee for the Fight against World Hunger is a NGO that raises               funds for assisting people in need worldwide.

• Fondazione Taccia, Rimini, Italy

  This NGO contributes projects in the oncologic sector and palliative cares

• AUSL Emilia Romagna

  This is a public body responsible for the health system in Romagna, the Southern part of Region Emilia Romagna.

Further to the institutions mentioned above, participant Rotarians cooperate with several research centers and international bodies outside the projects promoted by the MCW.

When necessary, Rotarians can activate this cooperation for projects selected at the MCWs.       


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