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The goal of Rotary is “Doing good in the World” to offer welfare and self-esteem to everybody, to promote interpersonal relationship and finally the preservation of Peace. This goal requests an important and continuous engagement. Continue...

Multi-Club Workshop (MCW) is an annual event held in a town where international Rotarians, relatives and friends meet to promote the implementation of some humanitarian projects in several countries.   Each MCW spans  Continue...

From the 1st MCW held in Stockholm in 2007 to the 13th MCW held at Moscow in 2019, more than 900 Rotarians and relatives have met, spent some nice moments together and promoted many humanitarian projects which 34 of have been completed or are under completion  Continue...

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     NEWS from Italy

12-15 September 2019 – The Project Alzheimer (GG1985339) was presented to the citizens of Cesena, Italy

On September 12th at 5 p.m., at the “Palazzo Ridotto”, in a packed room (over 200 attendances), Rotary presented its Alzheimer's Project. The event was jointly managed by RC Cesena and RC Valle del Savio on whose territories the project develops: providing equipment that supports software for cognitive stimulation to residences that house people with dementia and training for the " caregivers."

Two Rotarians from RC Dunwoody (Atlanta), the project's International Partner, participated in the events: Louise Barden (Primary International Contact) and her husband Ron, treasurer of Club Dunwoody.

On September 13th, 8.30 pm, a convivial inter-club was held between the RC Cesena and Valle Savio. The guests of honour were Louise and Ron who were handed the “Malatestian Elephant”, symbol of the City of Cesena and the Rotary Club Cesena.

On September 15th, all day: Louise and Ron followed the Alzheimer's Marathon in the stretch from Cesena to Cesenatico. More than 7,000 runners and about 700 support volunteers take part in the marathon.

Some pictures of this presentation are attached in the section other events.


30 June 2019 – Status of the projects presented at the 12° MCW, Matera

Until now The Rotary Foundation approved 4 projects among the 8 ones presented at the 12th MCW, Matera. As for the 4 other projects, 2 project’ applications will be submitted soon, one was cancelled for lack of funds and the remaining 2 ones need further funding. 

The 4 projects approved are the following:

      1.GG1982546 – Palliative Care Project –               Videoconference Systems (US$91,270)            – Approved on 19/12/2018 – Completed          on June 25th, 2019.

       Objective: Install 5 videoconference                   systems in as many hospices of Romagna         Region to facilitate the training courses of         palliative care operators.

  • Local Partner: Rotary Club Ravenna, D 2072 (Italy)

  • International Partner: Rotary Club Moscow International, D 2220 (Russia Western)

       Some pictures of the delivering                           ceremony to the AUSL Romagna, the                 Beneficiary are available in the section               our work

     2. GG1984893 – Scholarship Tonini –                      (US$39,000) – Approved on                                 23/03/2019. Start in September  2019               Objective: A 2-year Scholarship for                     a research that Pietro Tonini, University             of Bologna will execute  at the Institute             of Science and Environmental                             Technology, Barcelona, Spain.

  • Local Partner: Rotary Club Barcelona, D 2202 (Spain)

  • International Partner: E-Club of District 2072 (Italy)                                                                                                                                   3.  GG1985339 – The Alzheimer Project (87.500 US$) – Approved on 19/04/2019 – Under implementation. Obiectives: Improve the quality of care for people with dementia – Prevent and manage crisis situations.

  • Local Partner: Rotary Club Cesena, D 2072 (Italy)

  • International Partner: Rotary Club Dunwoody, D 6900 (Georgia, US)                                                                                            4. GG1988197 – Kids’ aid on the wheel (62.155 US$) – Approved on 22/06/2019 – Under implementation. Obiectives: Prevention of children diseases in the region of Ulyanovsk, Russia by a minibus equipped with medical devices and with doctors and nurses.

  • Local Partner: Rotary Club Ulyanovsk – D 2220 (Russia Western)

  • International Partner: Rotary Club Lugo – D 2072 (Emilia Romagna, Italy & San Marino)

NEWS from the World


3-8 September 2019 – The 13th Multi-Club Workshop – Moscow, Russia

RC Moscow International organized at the best this event attended by 20 Rotarians and partners from abroad. At the occasion of the seminar held on Saturday 7th, the representatives of 19 clubs, 7 international and 11 Russian discussed on 7 projects presented by clubs. The Final Report on this event, the 7 projects presented, other documents and a beautiful movie on Venice and Padua, the places of the 14th MCW. You can see the movie in the section 13th MCW  of this page web.


1-5 June 2019 – Hamburg (D) - Rotary International Congress

Leonardo de Angelis, Coordinator of the MCW will represent the 13th Multi-Club Workshop, Moscow in the booth reserved to the Project Fairs inside the Hall of Friendship. Some posters of the 13th MCW will be put on in both the said booth and in which reserved to the Russia House in the same Hall of Friendship. You can see a copy of these posters in the section 13° MCW of this page web


7th March 2019 – Moscow – Russia

The RC Moscow International has defined in cooperation with TSAR Voyages the program of the 13th Multi-Club Workshop that will be held this 3-8 September at Moscow. You can see this program together with the registration form by visiting the section 13th MCW. For further information on the attendance fee, you can write to TSAR Voyages or to G.A.P. Service, the Italian travel agency that cooperates with TSAR Voyages  in assisting Italian Rotarians who wish to attend at the said Rotary meeting. The contacts of both the agencies are given in the program of the September’ event. 

In the section 13th MCW you can also see the Project Form to be filled by clubs interested in presenting a project at the MCW’ seminar to be held on Saturday 7th September 2019.

31th December 2018 – Malmö – Sweden

Christopher Hayes, our great friend left us after fighting more than one year against a bad disease. He died on the 31st December 2018, the day of his 53rd Wedding Anniversary with Stani, his nice spouse! Christopher was a fantastic smiling person who wanted to help people in need. He was a very active member and the President 2011-2013 of Malmö International Rotary Club (MIRC), D2390 (Sweden). After attending the 1st Multi-Club Workshop held in 2007 at Stockholm, he was very attracted by this kind of Rotary event. So, he started to concretely cooperate not only by attending at all the following meetings with the exception of the two last ones but also promoting and organizing some large humanitarian projects. Among these initiatives, we mention the Matching Grant executed at Ekaterinburg, Russia, the Global Grant implemented at Ohrid, Macedonia and the GG executed in the Philippines. We have a lot of beautiful pictures of Christopher in our eyes, his cheery smile, his kind irony, his gags but also his great integrity, his trust in Rotary, his passion and his organizational ability. We cannot and don’t want to interpreter the great pain of Stani, their children, the Hayes Family and their closest friends. However, we can say that all Rotarians, the supporters of the Multi-Club Workshop included have lost a rare Friend. In the section “Other events” we have inserted some pictures of Christopher taken at the occasion of the MCW’ meetings that he attended.