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The goal of Rotary is “Doing good in the World” to offer welfare and self-esteem to everybody, to promote interpersonal relationship and finally the preservation of Peace. This goal requests an important and continuous engagement. Continue...

Multi-Club Workshop (MCW) is an annual event held in a town where international Rotarians, relatives and friends meet to promote the implementation of some humanitarian projects in several countries.   Each MCW spans  Continue...

From the 1st MCW held in Stockholm in 2007 to the 13th MCW held at Moscow in 2019, more than 900 Rotarians and relatives have met, spent some nice moments together and promoted many humanitarian projects which 34 of have been completed or are under completion  Continue...

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16th February 2020 – Travel suggestions for the 14th Multi-Club Workshop

RC Venezia, the host club presented the travel suggestions (preliminary program) for the 14th MCW that will be held from the 23rd to the 27th September 2020 at Venice and Padua. These suggestions are available in the section 14° MCW of this page.

As given in the said program, the organizer have foreseen a special program for partners who don’t wish to attend at the seminar of Saturday 26 September.


9th February 2020 – Project Form

We have drafted the project form for clubs that wish to present a project at the seminar to be held on Saturday 26th September 2020 at Padua. This form is available in the section 14° MCW of this page.


29th Jenuary 2020 – Registration Form

RC Venezia, the host club finalized the registration form for Rotarians who wish to attend at the 14th Multi-Club Workshop that will be held from the 23rd to the 27th September 2020 at Venice and Padua. This form is available in the section 14° MCW of this page.


3rd November 2019 – Visit to CUAMM – Doctors for Africa - Padua

A delegation of 4 Rotarians, engaged in the organization of the Multi-Club Workshop, visited the headquarters of CUAMM (University College Aspiring Missionary Physicians) – Doctors for Africa. This body, one of the most important Italian humanitarian organizations, has been very active for about 60 years in Africa. The subject of the visit was a contact to get to know each other and discuss how to set up a project for the Hospital of Freetown (Sierra Leone) run by CUAMM. This project will be presented at the seminar on Saturday 26 September 2020 which will take place in Padua, European Capital of Volunteering in 2020. In addition to the broad definition of the project, the generous reception of CUAMM's leaders has strengthened the common desire to start a very fruitful collaboration for "Doing Good in the World".

1st February 2020 – Evanston – Programs of scale grants

The Rotary Support Center informed us that The Rotary Foundation will award one grant of $2 million each year in a competitive process that requires a proposal and an application. Applicants should be prepared to include a fully developed and highly sophisticated project design, as well as include baseline data and plans for monitoring and evaluation. The Rotary clubs or districts with the strongest proposals will be invited to submit applications, which will include comprehensive details about the project. The project should involve activities that have proved to be successful elsewhere. Partner organizations can complete the proposal and application along with the Rotary club or district. Incomplete proposals and applications will not be considered. To get started, download the proposal and application guidelines. Read the terms and conditions and submit your proposal online.


19th November 2019 – Evanston, Chicago

The Rotary Service and Engagement published on its blog our post on the 13th Multi-Club Workshop held last 3-8 September at Moscow. More than 50,000 Rotarians in the world have access to this blog. The link to the said live post is the following:





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