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Thanks to the 12 Multi-Club Workshops already held, the participant Rotary clubs have implemented and/or are implementing 34 projects which total amount is equal to US$ 2,205,000 approx. Thanks to the 13th MCW, Moscow further projects can be implemented in the next few months. All these initiatives have changed the lives of many people, children in particular!


At each Multi-Club Workshop, many good will people meet, work together and have pleasure by visiting local attractions and by attending at convivial meetings.


By these events, Rotarians surely contribute to develop the Peace in the World in the spirit of Rotary, diversity and openness.





Among these forms, we mention the Multi-Club Workshop which goals are the following:


WORKSHOP, a seminar where clubs’ representatives discuss projects that they could implement together

​       PLEASURE, to build fellowship and visit local attractions


At each seminar, the representative of each club can present a project to the participant Rotarians who will select one or more projects to contribute by funds from clubs, districts and The Rotary Foundation. Later, the clubs’ boards will chose the project/s that their clubs will contribute among which selected.


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