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A group of professionals, managers and good will people who wish to serve other by some concrete steps. We are Rotarians who want really improve the life of indigent people, in particular children. By our common work, we strengthen our fellowship and promote new relationships. Since 2007, thanks also to the sponsorship of Rotary Club Ravenna and Malmö International Rotary Club we have started our cooperation by a very new instrument, the Multi-Club Workshop!


Leonardo de Angelis


The initiator and coordinator of the Multi-Club Workshop is Leonardo de Angelis, a civil engineer (building and public works) who lived and worked in many countries. As resident in Moscow, in 2001 he and 20 further international businessmen have chartered the Rotary Club Moscow International (RCMI). Leonardo was President of this club in the Rotary year 2004-2005. In the first decade of this century, RCMI implemented many humanitarian projects. In 2005, he returned at home, Ravenna where he is currently living with his family. Then Leonardo was inducted as member of Rotary Club Ravenna and from July 2013 until June 2016 was the District Rotary Foundation Chair of District 2072 (Emilia Romagna & Republic of San Marino). Since 2007, other Italian and international figures have cooperated to render very meaningful this experience.



PP 2017-2018 , Rotary Club Ancona Conero, District 2090 (Italy)
Saverio de Girolamo
Past President 2007-2008 del Rotary Club Manfredonia (Distretto 2120 - Puglia e Basilicata).
Branislava Radovic
Past President 2012-2013 del Rotary Club Beograd Centar (Distretto 2483 - Serbia & Montenegro).
Denis Borisov
Co-fondatore nonchè Segretario 2004-2005 e 2012-2013 del Rotary Club Moscow International.
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Andrea Paolo Rossi
Past President 2014-2015, Rotary Club Cesena, D 2072
Philippe Cohen
Past President 2006-2007, Rotary Club Moscow International, D 2220
Gianpiero Lugli
Past President 2013-2014, Rotary Club Carpi, D 2072
Mac Purcell
Past President 2015-2016
Rotary Club Paddington – Great London
Distretto 1130 (Inghilterra)
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Olga Kholmogorova
Past President 2017-2018
Rotary Club St. Petersburg White Nights, D 2220
Donato Donnoli
Governatore 2018-2019 Distretto 2120 (Puglia e Basilicata)
Vladimir Matic
Governatore 2018-2019 Distretto 2483 (Serbia e Montenegro)
Anna Tumanova
District Governor 2019-2020 - D 2223 (Russia)
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Ksenia Maksyukova
Past President 2017-2018
Rotary Club Moscow East
D 2220 (Russia Western)
Gian Piero Zinzani
Presidente 2018-2019
Rotary Club Ravenna
D 2072 (Emilia Romagna e Repubblica di San Marino)
Sara Pandolfini Lingreen
Malmö International Rotary Club - D 2390 (Sweden)
Paolo Botti
Past President 2015-2016 - Rotary Club Parma Est -D 2072 (Italy)
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Srdjan Pribić
Rotary Club Beograd Skadarlja
D 2483 (Serbia e Montenegro)
Louise Barden
International Director - RC Dunwoody - D 6900 - GA (US)
Alina Lavrentieva
President 2018-2019 - RC Moscow Internatiomal - D 2220 (Russia W)
Alessio Avenanti
President 2019-2020 - RC Cesena - D 2072 (Italy)
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Philippe Cohen

Past President 2006-2007, Rotary Club Moscow International, D 2220